Sunday, June 22, 2014


During our first night in Seville, we wandered around the gardens near the Cathedral of La Macarena (yes, like the dance). The Cathedral itself is huge and is situated in my favorite part of town; where tiny winding streets are filled with people sitting in cafés before a night out.  
My parents and I got lost on one of these tiny streets, after visiting the Cathedral and happened upon a superb restaurant where we ate 5 tapas for 10€... An incredible price for some great food! After eating chickpeas and spinach, prosciutto, calamari, tuna, and bread with cheese, we had to do some more walking around.
It is wedding season in Spain, so we felt very underdressed while walking around town among people in suits and long, flowy dresses. We even saw a bride and groom ride by in a horse-drawn carriage... And it was almost 9:00pm!

The next day, we went on a walking tour of Seville, which started at the Casa de Pilatos, where several movies have been filmed, including Lawrence of Arabia, and Knight and Day.

We then visited Itálica, where there are Roman ruins and murals. Our guide told us that in medieval times, people would take columns, murals and anything else that they could find to put inside their houses. There were no regulations regarding the protection of these unique pieces of history, so many were lost.
After the tour, my parents and I wandered to the Church of La Macarena (different than the Cathedral), where we saw the Virgin of La Macarena. She is also called the weeping Virgin, with tears in her eyes.
Our short time in the lovely, walled city of Sevilla ended too quickly, and I would have loved to explore some more.

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