Friday, June 6, 2014

Preppin' for Spain

Packing for this two-month long trip is a bit tricky... I am bringing one medium sized suitcase, a backpack, and my medium-sized purse. 
I am about to be very honest right now: I am a chronic overpacker. When I went to study abroad in London for three months last year, I brought one huge suitcase, a carry-on bag, a backpack and a purse; mind you, it was winter, so I had boots and scarves and coats. 
This time, I have tried to really limit myself on what I am packing for this, essentially, two-in-one trip. For the first half of my time abroad, I will be doing a lot of moving around, and for the second half, I will be staying in one city, for the most part. Not to mention that the entire first week will be devoted to hiking 100 kilometers in the summer heat. 
Here are some of the things that I am packing for El Camino: 

I have a great backpack that I bought from L.L.Bean, which I will be using as both a daypack for El Camino and a school/travel backpack for the rest of the trip. It is super light and sits comfortably. Pilgrims who do the "real" version of El Camino carry their entire lives on their backs for however many months they are hiking, but since we are going with a tour, there is a bus who will be carrying our suitcases and my family and I only need to take what we want on us for the day (thank God). Perhaps, in the future I will do the entire El Camino pilgrimage, since next week will be just a taste of it.
I invested in a great pair of keen hiking sandals. They are so comfortable! Unfortunately, I could only fit into the kid sizes (I wear a size 5), so I went for a classic brown color, as opposed to the teal women's sandals that I had originally wanted.
I am bringing a total of two pairs of running shorts that I will be wearing while hiking, since they are my favorites and are super comfortable and easy to wash. I am also packing four non-cotton shirts for hiking in. Three are short sleeved v-necks, and one is a tank top. I know that sunburn is basically inevitable, but I can at least try to keep it off my shoulders for as long as possible, since there is where I burn the most. 
I will also be able to use these clothes after El Camino, which is really great. 
A few other things that I am taking for my time on El Camino are a water bottle, bandanas, a hat, and sunblock.
Now, for the rest of the trip, I wanted to pack clothes that were flexible, easy to pair with each other, and light since it gets so hot in southern Spain. 
I have noticed that I own a whole lot of navy blue, gray, and creme colored articles of clothing, so I stuck to that color scheme. I will be able to add a few pops of color to my outfits with jewelry and a few pairs of colorful shorts. Essentially, my entire wardrobe (for the trip) can be mixed and matched to create a whole bunch of looks. Hopefully, it won't look like I am wearing the exact same outfit in every one of my photos. 
I am bringing along my trusty thrift shop purchased purse, which fits all the necessities in it, looks classic, and is rather hard for thieves to pry open, since I sometimes have trouble opening it myself. 
Very recently, I was able to purchase something that I have wanted for a very long time: a Panama Hat! Mine is from J Crew and it is the "natural" color.
Theodore Roosevelt made the "Panama Hat" cool when he wore it while checking out the Panama Canal. My good friend, Ernest Hemingway also wore this style hat on his big game hunting trips to Africa. And now, my name can be added to the list of people who made the Panama Hat awesome.
In addition to the above stated objects, I am taking a journal (which is an absolute MUST for anyone going on the trip of a lifetime YA HEAR?), some notebooks and normal books for schoolwork and project notes, one swimsuit, one pair of jeans, one windbreaker/rain jacket, one sweater, two little cover up sweater things, pjs, two belts, techy essentials, batteries, four pairs of shoes, and cosmetics.
Learning from my past travel mistakes, I am also taking a locker lock (cause ya never know), a hand mirror (for perpetually poor lighting in hostels, hotels, and accommodations), a jackknife (tucked away in my checked bag while flying), and an extra camera card.
I am not 100% done packing, but I am working little by little and hoping that I do not forget anything. I know that the next two days are going to be very long and full of moving around, but I love traveling and I cannot wait to get to España.

“In order to write about life first you must live it.”- Ernest Hemingway

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  1. Ah Spain!! You can do this! Packing is the worst, as you saw my packing the night before London.... I believe in you! I cannot wait to visit you too!!! ADVENTURES!!!!