Tuesday, March 29, 2016

my gratitude project.

I have been wanting to do some kind of gratitude project for a while now, but I never knew where to begin. I needed to find a way to make a point of appreciating the people who I have in my life, and I figured that the few months before Easter would be a good time to do this. It would also give me a deadline as to when to wrap up the project. After thinking and looking online for some inspiration, I decided that writing thank you notes (really, more like thank you letters) would be a great way to reflect on all I have to be grateful for. 

Since letters take more time than emails or social media posts, and are much more intimate, I thought that they would be a good way to proceed with this project. I love writing and receiving mail, so I figured that the people I wrote to would enjoy this project as well. It's a nice feeling to be recognized for being kind, even when you don't realize that you've been doing anything extraordinary. 

I started my project by making a list of 30ish people that I knew I wanted to write to. This included good friends, family members, acquaintances, coworkers, my doctor, my landlord and some others that I added along the way. My goal was to write 30-40 letters by Easter, so I was able to put a check mark and the date next to the names on my list after I wrote and sent their letters. 

Monday, March 28, 2016

my week in objects (mostly).

Once again, my poor little blog has been neglected for a few months. I was dealing with the same mystery illness as before, on top of piles of work and MBA courses... but not to worry! I am feeling  much better now and am finally getting back to my normal self. So much better, that I may even start working out again (because apparently I'm up for another 10 miler in April?!).

Anyways, here are five little things that made my week:

1. this iced mocha. 

(for keeping me going after work and onto a 3 and a half hour night class.)

2. these hints of spring. 

(for making me even more excited for warm weather.)

3. this cozy, wool sweater.

(because it still fits even after shrinking a bit in the wash.)

4. this coffee and cupcake date.

(because we've been besties for 9 years, and it's always so good to get together when I'm home.)

5. this snoozy lap cat. 

(because she kept me company on the couch when I wasn't up to doing much else but napping and schoolwork.)