Sunday, October 25, 2015

Healthy ways to heal- Post Grad life: Month 5

It can be really difficult to handle when life just does not seem to be going your way for whatever reason... It happens without warning to everyone at some point, or many. These situations can vary in severity and length, but becoming unexpectedly uprooted can be a shock to your system at any level.

If you haven't been keeping up, I recently went through a very drawn out period of painful transition which left me a bit lost and broken. Waking up was a battle, making it through the workday was difficult and being alone with my thoughts at night and trying to get through graduate school work was barely bearable.

Although it is normal to be a bit shaky on your feet after a drastic change in life, I quickly realized that I was not doing enough to make sure I was healing properly. I was more mopey than I should have let myself be, I lacked motivation, and I definitely was not eating properly, so that had to change.

With time, I was able to find healthy ways to heal. Obviously, these methods have not completely alleviated the pain I've been feeling or negated what I have been through, but they have helped me get back in touch with myself and have made this whole healing process a bit easier:

  • Find a mantra that speaks to you (Mine is "excelsior")
  • Exercise 
  • Start a gratitude journal