Sunday, June 22, 2014

A stay at the Alhambra (Granada)

Disclaimer: I have seen an incredible amount of awe inspiring things in the past few days, yet have not been able to post due to spotty wifi... therefore, I will be mass-posting for a short while. 
My family and I arrived in Granada on Wednesday night, however, I was unable to really explore the town. The next day, however, we were able to visit the Alhambra, which was a palace and fortress built on a hill in the town of Granada. 
The most interesting part of the Alhambra is its decor. I have never really seen such intricate decorations in the arab style. Since it is against Muslim belief to use picture representation of people or God, everything is decorated with holy words, or geometric shapes. Every single wall carving was done by hand, and every room has unique patterns.
Here you can see the script that I talked about before:
The gardens of the Alhambra are magnificent. They are so lush and green, which was exactly what the sultan would have wanted in the dry, arid climate.

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