Friday, July 20, 2012


My family and I will be vacationing for two weeks in Nova Scotia. I am not bringing my laptop... so there will not be any new blog posts (with pictures at least) for two weeks. Be prepared for an avalanche of new stories when I get back though ;) I'm bringing my business cards with me... so let's see if I get enough courage to interview anybody while I'm in Canada.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012


These are just some photos from the little  local carnival that Alex and I visited last week ^

Business Cards

Hopefully this is the beginning of something great! I finally made my business cards! Here they are:
I ordered them white and simple. I formatted them online with my name, blog and E-mail. They needed to be more interesting and I wanted them to be unique... so I bought a decorative punch and punched the window corner design into each one. I think they look really cute! It was a simple and easy idea to make them interesting without making them too crazy.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Coming Soon:

I'm ordering my business cards today!
Hopefully this project will make my blog unique...
My plan is to interview people who I see with style. I'll introduce myself, give them my card, photograph them and their outfit and interview them a bit.
I am a Communications Studies Major... so this will be great practice. Maybe it will lead me to being a fashion journalist... like Alexa Chung!
Stay tuned ;)

Friday, July 13, 2012

Fashion Friday!: Hitting the Beach

Summer is totally the time to go to the beach to relax the days away... There isn't really a beach around here... but if you do live in a beachy place or go on vacation, you know that you need cover up clothes and outfits that you can just easily change into to go from the beach to the boardwalk to dinner to anywhere! I could have done better with this outfit... but I had limited time and inspiration ;)
I love this shirt... it's easy and it's interesting. The embroidered design is lovely. It's great to wear over a tank top or a bathing suit. The frills are super cute too! They show just the right amount of belly. Brown shorts go with anything (almost). I would also wear this shirt with a long, light skirt... like they do on the beach in magazines. I don't own a long skirt like that though!
This necklace is very important and special to me. I have always loved ships and the ocean... so when my family went on vacation to Maine a few years ago, I was on the lookout for a special sea-inspired trinket to remember the great times we had. The ship's wheel is unique. It was difficult to find. I had to bypass a lot of seahorses and anchors to find it but I wear it all the time! It reminds me that I'm at the bridge of my life (like the bridge of a ship) and I'm in charge of where I go. I use the ships wheel to steer.
Soooo metaphorical!
Also, with this outfit.... noshoes are the best kinds of shoes to wear... sand feels best on barefeet.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

In Sight: Denim Shirt

I've found it!
During my break today, I rummaged through many stores in the mall for my perfect denim jacket... and I found it! It was right under my nose all along!
I found it at Forever 21... it looks a lot like the first shirt from my last post... but it has wooden buttons and I like it better.
I didnt have enough time to buy it then and there (my breaks are only 30 minutes long) but I'll be sure to buy it tomorrow! I can't wait!

Monday, July 9, 2012

Wanted: denim shirt

I usually try to plan my outfits ahead of time... especially for work, class and church....
I find that the best time to plan is when I'm in bed, with my eyes closed but when my brain is still functioning in the real world. The other night I planned an entire set of outfits that all included a denim shirt that I had seen at work earlier that day! My outfits were perfect for transitioning from work to going out. So functional. So comfy! The main problem here is that I don't own a denim shirt... I've been saving my money to find the perfect one!
I would wear my denim shirt with a plain t-shirt underneath and maybe jeans that were a different shade, or my green slacks.
I could also wear it over a dress or with a skirt that has a nice pattern.
This one is a little too dark for me... It says "faded" but I would like one that is a little more interesting.
This one  is apparently unisex. But even if it isn't, I would go with the light wash indigo. I know that I would be able to wear this with more of the clothes in my closet than a denim shirt with a darker wash... I have too many dark/navy/black clothes in my closet anyways.
This one looks so interesting! I love tribal styled kinds of clothing. However, this would take some thinking to make an outfit or a set of outfits...
Oh wow .... this shirt is super cute
This is from Forever 21 and is just adorable... hmm let's see. I wouldnt be able to wear this to work or to church... but it looks perfect for being out n about! I love the western feel that it gives to any outfit. I would wear it with colorful shorts, a long flowy skirt or pants of a different shade.

ahhhh if I had enough money I would buy them all.
When I do happen to get my perfect denim shirt... I will post my outfit ;)
Have a super day!