Friday, July 5, 2013


I have absolutely no idea where this summer has gone. It certainly has not been a "summer vacation"as they were called throughout elementary and high school. I have been working between 25- 40 hours a week this summer and it has left very little time for anything else. 
I am very lucky to have a job, and I am even luckier to work for one of the largest retail companies in the world. I am a sales associate which means that I am surrounded by trendy clothes at all times. It amazes me that I know exactly where the majority of products are in our department store sized space.
My store sells trendy clothing at cheap prices and targets a wide range of customers. The majority of the customers that we get are young teenage girls.
I have found that the two most sought after products lately have been....
Cotton maxi skirts
High waisted denim shorts 
I am still very much attached to my hi-lo skirts, but I do have one maxi skirt that I bought from Primark while in London. I also own a maxi dress that I love. It is pictured above and is very comfortable. I like the old- time feeling of having to hike up your skirt to climb stairs.
The shorts pictured above are from Forever 21 and I bought them a few weeks ago. I love them! They are a bit short but they cover everything necessary and Lord knows I love tucking my shirts in. Forever 21 has a huge variety of high rise shorts, but the best ones sell out quickly. I tried to find the lighter version of these shorts in my size the day after I bought them, but they were all sold out!
Happy hunting!