Saturday, June 28, 2014

A little bit of Lisbon, Cascais,and Sintra

Our beautiful, sunny day of touring began at the monument to Henry the Navigator, right in front of the Presidential Palace. I really enjoyed seeing this monument, featuring Henry in the front, with others who helped with exploration, including other members of the Royal family, the church, and explorers. All the figures face to the New World. 
Near to this incredible monument that honors Portugal's strong history of exploration is the Belem Tower. It sits nicely on the bay:
Cascais is a small fishing village on the Atlantic Ocean. It has become a huge place for visiting tourists to spend some time by the ocean and in the shops. 
Sintra was a small town, built on the side of a hill. The winding roads and (steep) uphill sidewalks were quaint, and the uneven cobblestones were nearly lethal.
We visited the Sintra National Palace, or Town Palace, which is classified as a UNESCO World Heritage site. Here are some photos:
Above is some of the incredible tile work that Portugal is known for.
And then we went back to Lisbon for the remainder of the evening.

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