Friday, June 29, 2012

Fashion Friday!

Alright, so I cheated a little bit... this is just a dress with a belt. I didn't have enough time or patience to do the real fashion Friday thing today. But this is just a great idea for a date!

I love getting dressed up and going out. I put on my cute little dress, some lipstick, grab my purse and head out for a nice time. I bought this dress for around $15. It's a little big because it's a medium... but with the belt it is just right! It also makes it cute-iful! I would wear my brown flats with this outfit and a short, simple necklace. It has 3/4 sleeves, so I wouldn't wear many bracelets either.
This is a photo of me actually on a date ;)
This was from february break I believe... Alex and I planned a night for a special fancy dinner date... after not seeing eachother for a month or two.
I think we're darn cute....

Thursday, June 28, 2012


This is precious Mila! She's a kitty and she loved me! My boyfriend's sister took in two kittens from one of her patients at work, but they couldnt keep them. Kittens take a lot of time to care for. Mila's sister's name was Lily and she was a little ferocious.
I had never been so close to a kitten. My neighbor's dog had puppies when I was young, but other than that, I've never had a pet.
Oh wait, do sea Monkeys count??
Theyre shrimp.

Alex and I had a fun time with the kitties, but I'm really glad that they have found homes. I always feel bad for animals who have to go to the shelter... there is always a chance that they won't be adopted. I've never had a real pet because my mother is allergic to them, but when I'm older I hope to have a dog. I love bloodhounds and coonhounds. I think theyre so beautiful. There gigantic... a lot to handle... but hopefully I will be able to adopt one from a shelter in the future.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Living the Dream?

Sometimes I like to think about my life in perspective to the world. I live a pretty good life. Some days are better than others, but I have things pretty easy. I have a family who loves and supports me. I have great friends. Since I started college, now I have friends spread out all over: most in New York, many in Maryland and the DC area, some in Pennsylvania, one in mexico. I have so many best friends and other people to talk to and lean on. I have an amazing boyfriend who builds me up whenever I'm down and who is so patient with me. He gets me like no other.
I have a job. Although the hours usually drag on (especially during nine hour shifts), I'm meeting new people and learning some things. I'm also making money and saving to study abroad.
I go to a great school where the weather is gorgeous and although the academics are hard, I am doing well. It is a great opportunity.
I have no ailments... I eat and eat, I work out, I am healthy inside and out. 
I'm one of the lucky ones. There are so many people out there who have problems on problems. The only problems I have are nightmares where my teeth fall out and curfew.
I'm comfortable, I'm happy.
Is that what the dream is?
Maybe if I were older, with a little more freedom, I would be out in the real world traveling and spreading my wings, but I have some time. I'm sure I have some growing to do. A little more learning for sure. 
I'm pretty content right here right now.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Fashion Friday

Happy Friday!! It's the beginning of the weekend for everyone else, but for me, it's the start of my work week. I mostly work late during the weekends, but I will be getting more week day hours soon. So this Fashion Friday outfit is cute and practical. I would wear it to work or to a grad party or even a walk in the park!
It has western influence, which is always cute. The crochet vest is shorter in the back... which is okay (but I would love for it to be long all the way around). I love the way it gathers in the front. The dress was given to me by one of my best friends (I get hand me downs from my stylish friends) (the benefits of being wittle).  The back is lace, but I liked how western the crochet makes the outfit look.

I love this belt... I try to emphasize my waist the most because it is the smallest part of me... I also have a fear of loose clothes... (I always tuck in my shirts). I wear this belt with basically  every dress I own. It also breaks up the outfit. I wear it over the crochet top... but you could probably wear it under that as well.

I would wear brown leather shoes with this outfit. I love my steve madden flats... I bought them for $20 and theyre so comfortable... I wear them all the time. They look professional too. The Steve Madden heelies (little heels) were a gift from my friends grandmother (I have wittle feet) (size 5-6). The turquoise detail is pretty with anything... but it makes this outfit look even more... western. I'm likin this trend.

Lastly, the necklace. This necklace is unique. It is from India and I bought it from a fair trade store. I get most of my jewelry from places like that. I'm pretty sure this is just a piece of cut ribbon placed behind a piece of glass. What a great idea!
Happy friday!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Going to the "beach"

Although I go to school in Maryland, I live in the north... in a place where winters are freezing and the sun rarely shines... though it has been a nice summer so far. When my good friend told me she was planning a trip to the beach... my first thought was...
"what beach??"
and then:
The only bodies of water around us are the finger lakes.
I knew of some beaches along those lakes... but I had always heard that they were dirty and crowded... by the way... I'm used to tropical beaches in the Caribbean... or at least Florida, Maine or North Carolina: beachy places
Not here...
But we went to the beach and it was a nice time.
It was a sunny, hot day and everyone had the same idea as we did. We found a nice patch of the beach and set up camp. There were seven of us.

We had a nice time:)
We played frisbee and attempted volleyball. I got a little tan and relaxed in the sand. It was not the best beach by far... but we made do... and it turned out to be a lot of fun!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Reflection Introspection

There is a certain comfort in knowing that there is one person out there who knows you inside and out and has your back at all times, even when your reasoning is completely ridiculous and your face is all puffy from crying.
He's on your side. He takes silly blames even when you're really at fault, he goes out of his way to make you smile, he's a gentleman at all times, even when there is nobody around to see him.
He tells you secret secrets and doesn't need to ask you to not tell, it's just a given that you won't. He knows your faults and you know his: you work together to keep them at bay. (he always picks you up because you get shaky and you make him sandwiches without cheese or mustard) (and that's not just because you're a lady... it's because you love him and just happen to also love making food) (and also because he's very picky)
He asks if you're okay... even when you're smiling because he knows what your fake smile looks like... and he knows what irks you
He's kind and caring to everyone who crosses his path... He has a good soul and a love for his family and friends.
He's your best friend... and he's the best at it
He never lets you down... and even when he does... he makes up for it so much that the let down is forgotten forever... that cancels it out.
He knows when to be hard on you: he lets you study, makes sure you have time with family and friends, and keeps you healthy... like by sending you care packages at school
He jokes... He knows how to make you laugh or smile.
He kisses you at the perfect time... even when you're in the middle of apologizing... all is forgiven in a kiss.
He never forgets all the silly little things that are special... like the first time you said something embarrassing in front of him, or when he made you a CD.
He doesn't change, and neither do your feelings. No matter how near or how far... even when you go for months without seeing each other
He loves you
And you love him
It's a comfort to know that you're in this together, for the long run. That you both have the same intentions and goals... that this is real and alive and thriving. Through trials and tribulations, and even when people doubt... this love is strong.
I'm really lucky, proud, happy, blessed to have him 

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Fashion Friday! (even though it is Saturday)

Please humor me... I woke up this morning with the desire to try something new... I love photography and I love fashion... so I decided to try my hand with fashion blog post... I don't have enough patience to do this everyday... but perhaps I will try to do it every Friday ... Fashion Friday! I think I have pretty unique style, so why not share it! There is also a story that goes along with many of my outfits... maybe I'll just tell you a bit about my outfit for work today. I work at a large, popular clothing store. There is no set dress code except that clothing that is too short or too revealing are prohibited. And of course, employees cannot wear things that are obviously from competing retailers.
It just gets really cold in my store...
Pretty armature... but that really is what I am;)
Dark brown pants, add a nice belt. The shirt is a genuine army shirt that I cut... because it had a suffocating (physically and emotionally) turtleneck. It hangs off the shoulder, so I wear bright tank tops underneath and a long necklace.
This is from American Eagle outfitters, from forever ago.
The bag is really something special. It is Bruon Lorelli (a designer I have yet to look up) and I got it for $8 at a thrift store... It was one of my greatest buys. I wear it everywhere. It has just enough pockets to fit everything, even my little moleskin notebook.

 It is a treasure for sure.
I will wear this outfit with brown sandals and colorful bracelets. I will probably have my hair tied back and a bright headband or bandana.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012


I have been out all day with Alex. We invited all our friends to go to the little zoo with us in my hometown, but they all bailed. It was just him and I and that was fine by me! Today we celebrated our fifteen month anniversary. It's special because we could actually be together for our special day. During the school year, we are separated by miles and miles of highway. Every hello makes all the goodbyes worth it. We're strong and we make a good team.

We had a really nice time. Everyone there was with little kids and there were packs of school kids on field trips and then there was us. We held hands and wound our way through all the exhibits and stopped in the shade. It was just very nice. I hadnt been to the local zoo in a while. The Rhinos were my favorite. Theyre just so big! I guess I had forgotten exactly how huge they are. They seemed gentle, though I know they can charge. They just lumbered around their exhibit.
I like zoos because they educate the people and they are safe places for animals, but sometimes it just makes me sad to see them in cages, being stared at and taunted by humans day in and day out. I would hate it. Maybe they know no different... but it can't be particularly pleasant to sleep and be watched by so many curious, prying people or be yelled at to move around for the enjoyment of the spectators.
The orangutangs looked just plain bored. We stared at them, they stared back. And that was that. That's their day, looking at people who are looking at them. They "people watch," and ignore the toilet paper tubes all over the floor (for enrichment). What a life.
It frightens me and makes me feel pity for them. Theyre caged. Theyre not mistreated, but theyre sure missing out on something...


Today Alex and I went to the local animal shelter, just for fun. It was fun! We made a promise to not fall in love with any animals, since we don't live together and cannot afford to take care of them.
I learned the meaning of "puppy eyes" today, when an old beagle looked at us longingly as we approached his cage...
I saw a beautiful coonhound! Oh he was so big and lean and athletic looking. He was young, and the sheet said that he had been in and out. All he needs is some space and an owner that can keep up with him.
His name was Duke.
Alex likes Boxers... but see I dont think theyre very pretty. They are an athletic looking dog, which I admire, but I dont see myself ever getting a Boxer. I like the kind of dogs that are big and strong but cuddly. Boxers look a little aggressive, though i know they arent always.
We saw cats too. I dont particularly love cats, but when you look at them, and they look back through the glass, you can just tell that theyre thinking, analyzing. Who knows what goes on in their minds, but there is definitely something there.
Later, we went outside to see the goats, sheep, pigs and horses:

They clearly loved us.
It was a great date: lots of hand holding, fence leaning and laughing. Alex is my best friend. I love sharing special times with him. He and I will laugh at the memory of this. It was just a really nice summer afternoon.

Monday, June 4, 2012

the (re)start

Oh okay so here we go: here's the low down:
I've made it through my very first year of college, made it on the dean's list and gotten a job. That is quite a lot to accomplish for someone with so much on her mind. I've also kept up a long distance relationship with my lovely boyfriend and we're happily reunited for three months, until we start sophomore year....

I've been so busy that my writing has suffered... something so important and precious to me has been forgotten .... it's sad i know, but what's done is done 

I've decided to really try and restart this blog again because i've figured out that i live an intriguing, interesting and unconventional life. I mean, in many ways i'm just like your average 18 year old girl:
- I have friends
- I drive
- I love to shop
- I would love to be at the beach right now
- I keep a diary

But at the same time, i'm different from a lot of people i see on a day to day basis:
- I speak spanish
- I am in love (not fake love.... real love) (i'm sure of it)
- I dont drink
- I've traveled
- I like to cook and garden
- I work with people i  have (nearly) nothing in common with 
- I still have a curfew.............. (angryface)
- I want to see every part of the world in every light

The list goes on....
I just want to keep an online diary that i can share with other people, whomever would ever be interested in my life.
So let's just see how this goes....
until next time,