Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Baked Frittata with Pesto

As you may very well know, last week was pesto week in Angela's kitchen. I made my own pesto and continued to use it up throughout the week. Below are some photos of a pesto frittata that I found in this post
I have only had access to a stove for a few weeks, and last week was my first real adventure in the world of real cooking with a big-girl, propane oven. I started my week out with a plan and a list for the grocery store, which really helped me cook and act like a real person for the week. Who would have known that sitting down to plan your meals BEFORE getting to the grocery store would make me so efficient!

When I started to plan my meals for the week, I sat down with Pinterest and a written out calendar of the week. I decided on making homemade pesto first, and then built the rest of my grocery list from there. 
The recipe that I followed called for 8 eggs, but I figured that it would be too much frittata for just one me... I used 5 eggs and cut down the other ingredients. I was still extra generous with the garlic and mozzarella because who doesn't love that stuff the most?

Though this looks a lot like breakfast, I had a good helping of my frittata on an english muffin for dinner (hey, this is post grad life... there are no rules).
I added a little bit of my favorite coconut oil spread, which is like butter but healthier and tastes a little sweet to the english muffin, and paired my meal with some classy brita filtered water with blueberry ice cubes.
And there you have it.

When planning meals for myself for the week, I have learned that having a general plan is always the way to go. I am the kind of person who has to write everything down, so I actually take a few minutes out of my day, before I go to the store, to plan what kind of meals I want for the week and what groceries I need to make them.

I love trying Pinterest recipes, but I am also very practical, so I usually have some go-to meals ready, just in case I run out of time or will power to be exciting... I will post about these in the near future.

What are your go-to, easy peesy meals?

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