Friday, July 24, 2015

Pinterest Find Friday: #2

I am trying with all my might to get into the habit of posting interesting Pinterest finds every week since I love the social media platform and what I find there. Sometimes, re-pinning a post is just not enough and you just have to find a place to rave about what you have found...:

This image from

If you have never come across a "zero waste lifestyle" blog or news article, I would suggest you click on the link above. Lauren Singer has made enough trash to fill in one mason jar in two years... isn't that wild? It definitely is inspirational. If you take a look at just how often you take out the trash and just how much of our food waste, packaging, and such goes into landfills, you will find just how surprising this lifestyle is. Her blog offers great advice for where to start to limit the waste you create... it definitely takes some time, effort, and a conscious changes to do so. One thing I have started doing (on top of recycling everything in sight), is using a reusable straw and carrying it with me... just think of how many straws you go through in one month and how many pounds of those little plastic tubes and paper packaging end up in landfills for forever!

This chia seed pudding recipe from

Since I have been so intrigued and interested by these tiny little miracle seeds that expand into jelly for so long, I finally decided to buy some from the bulk section (after talking myself out of doing it so many times before). Though chia seeds are a bit pricey, they are very healthy, exciting, and useful. You can use them in just about anything! Though it took me a few tries to get the consistency of the pudding right, it ended up tasting great and keeping me full all morning long!

This quote:

It says that the author of the quote is unknown, which is usually a sign for me not to pin something, but this quote actually really spoke to me. I have spent so much time in the real world for the past two weeks that I have hardly been in nature. I like in the middle of nowhere (basically), with mountains and lakes and trails all around me, but I have not gone to visit with them in so long. 

This recipe for baked zucchini fritters from

They look good, don't they? I have not tried to make these yet, but they are on my list of things to try... if they turn out well, I will surely feature them in some upcoming post. 

And lastly, this infographic on DIY coffee creamer from

I have been drinking a lot more coffee now that I have regular-early days... and having an iced coffee with a little bit of flavor and little hint of something sweet is always the way I start my day... My roommate and I have given in and bought those horrible grocery store creamers with no cream in them at all... but since I have looked at the back of the bottle, I have wanted to find some easy and sweet alternative. I will be trying this as soon as tomorrow morning!

Have you found any great recipes on Pinterest this week, that you just need to rave about? Comment below!

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