Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Daytrip to Annapolis, Maryland (a poor college-grad's vacation)

This is my very first post-graduate summer vacation. Summers no longer mean automatic vacation... which means that poor peasant mba students work through the season as if it were any other. It is hard to stay positive when you are inside for most of the daylight hours, and you do not have an exciting summer beach vacation planned to look forward to. It feels as if this summer is just slipping away as I spend my days in the office, and I have not even gotten the slightest bit bronze. 

To combat summertime sadness, my boyfriend and I decided to take a daytrip over last weekend, to "anywhere by the water," to pretend we were on some kind of vacation... and the closest place we could think of was Annapolis, the capital of Maryland. For people who live outside of Maryland, Annapolis has little to no claims to fame, but I can assure you that it is an adorable little city with a great down town, and it is situated right on the Chesapeake Bay. It is seafood heaven. 

Speaking of seafood, our first stop on our afternoon vacation was Hemingway's, on Kent Island, which has some of the best crab dip I have ever had. We ordered mahi mahi tacos and shrimp, and everything was delicious. The view of the bay/bae wasn't so bad either.  (bad pun intended)
After we had a late lunch/early dinner, we drove back over the Bay Bridge to explore downtown Annapolis. It was a good half hour away from Kent Island, but we enjoyed seeing the boats, cargo ships and yachts on the bay. It almost felt like we were in Florida.

Annapolis harbor was crowded and there were tons of yachts, tan people, and prepsters all over. We explored the little shops and I was gifted a pewter whale bottle opener, which I will cherish from now until forever (I'm sure he will appear in staged photos very soon). 

Whales are my favorite, by the way.

After deciding that we did not want to spend much more money for the day, we devoured a nutella crepe from Sofi's Crepes for dessert, pictured above, and called it a day. 
Sometimes you just need a day in the sun, away from your normal surroundings with someone you love. 

What kinds of daytrips have you been on recently?

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