Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Post grad life: month 1

Going from graduation, to traveling through Europe for two weeks, spending five days at home and then moving and setting up my first apartment was quite a transition. I am so happy to say that I have survived my first month in the "real world." It took me a while to actually set up my apartment the way that I think it should be, and also figure out my routine, but now I think I have it down for the most part.

An average weekday for me starts with a glass of iced coffee, and then I go to work at my university's Communications Office, which means that I do a lot of social media posts, write feature stories for the website, interview people for articles, and take lots of photos at university events. This job basically combines all of my favorite things. 
Since it is the summer and there are not as many students on campus or activities happening, there is not a ton of work to do at my job during the day. I am actually looking forward to having a little bit more work to do in late August, when students come back to campus. I will also be able to start using the new GoPro that was donated to my office for some promotional videos!
I have also taken on a job as an editor for a local newspaper, which prints on a monthly basis. This means that the majority of my work happens during one week during every month. I survived my first week of editing and it took a lot out of me. Luckily, I am sure it will get easier as time goes on. I just need to get the pattern and process down. 
Since I am a new MBA student who has never taken a real business course in her life, I have also started the online prerequisite courses that I need. I decided to start with statistics... and the hardest part for me has been getting in the habit of doing a little bit every night, or every other night. I have two more prerequisites to finish by the end of the summer, so I really need to get myself together. 
Now that we have settled into our routines, my roommate and I are looking for "hobbies," or at least some kinds of nice activities that we can partake in for low or no cost. So far, we have tried:
  • Reading new books- We may start exploring our local library shelves as well. 
  • Grinding our own coffee and experimenting with new flavors- We can now buy fair trade coffee at our local grocery store and grind it ourselves. 
  • Gardening- We plan on using as many little potted plants as we can fit on our little porch. We have planted green onions, wildflowers and marigolds!
  • Excessive Pinteresting - A no-brainer. 
  • After work work-out classes like yoga and spin - Which are discounted for us since we are still students!
  • Cooking- Our apartment didn't have propane until just last week, so we have not been able to use our stove until now!
  • Exploring our surroundings- We have introduced ourselves to our local post office worker, gone out to dinner in our community a few times, as well as run/bike through our town. 
  • Water color painting- Something that I have not done in years!
Do you know of any other interesting hobbies that we can try out? 
Post grad life is a whole new adventure, and I cannot wait to share it with you! 

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