Friday, July 17, 2015

Pinterest Find Friday: The First of its Kind

I will be the first to admit that I spend a lot of my free time on Pinterest... but that's only because I think that it is actually helpful! It is also therapeutic, since I love organizing things I like into little categories and labeling them. It is also a great way to keep recipes and ideas together, so that I can use them later.
Anyways, I wanted to start compiling some of my best finds in weekly blog posts so that I can share them with you and how they have helped me! I am going to post this series on Fridays, thus: 

These diy chairs from

Because I'm thinking about spicing up the living room/dining room/everything room area of my apartment and this just may do the trick.

This post from

I have been trying to grow and improve my blog for years and I recently decided to start the real  process by (FINALLY) buying a domain name and joining a few blog groups. I knew that the people on them would be able to give me some constructive criticism and advice. I actually posted in one of the groups listed for bloggers and I received some tips which I hope to put in place soon!

This ingenious pesto post from Creme de la Crumb:

An earlier post raves about the fresh pesto I made, using this recipe. I also made the orzo which is listed in the post. It was so good, that I was sad when I was done eating it. Lucky for me, I still have a bit of pesto left and my basil plant is starting to grow more leaves.   

This graphic from

Although I have always thought of educated consumerism and my role to play in saving the environment to be very close to my heart, the value of "less is more" is so easily forgotten due to today's consumerist culture. I have not done a very good job lately with watching what I buy in regards to what I want and what I need. This graphic and the post that goes along with it reminded me not to give in to mindless consumerism. 

This Cuff:

Although this gorgeous Constellation Cuff from Julie Cohn Design, is way out of my price range, it was too beautiful not to pin. All the jewelry from Julie Cohn is made in Dallas, TX and the company uses old world casting techniques, which make each piece unique and stunning.

What has been your best find on Pinterest this week?

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