Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Post-Grad Life: Month 3

Real life hit me quick at the end of August. As soon as I returned to Maryland after a quick trip home, post-grad life really started to happen... I was thrown back into work at my office and I also started my MBA classes and had tons of work to do for my editing job with a local newspaper. Needless to say... this week has been quite hectic and I am exhausted. What a busy week to end a busy month!

So here is a quick update on my life, post-graduation:


  • Now that undergraduate students are back on campus, I am back to doing normal social media posts and covering events for my university. It is actually kind of nice to have people around!
  • Now that summer is over and all administrative staff and faculty are back on campus, the office dress code is stepped up... I recently tried to wear heels on a day where I had to run around and take photos and now my poor feet are completely destroyed. 

MBA Classes:

  • The strangest thing is that I am only taking two classes (so different from undergrad) and they are at night on Tuesday and Thursday. 
  • I did not study business at all during undergrad... so global economics and accounting are both very new to me... they make me kind of nervous. 


  • I am so so so thankful to have this editing job... I can do most of my work over email and on my laptop from home! I definitely needed another job in addition to my graduate assistant job... and I am so glad that this position worked out! I worked in retail for three years and I did not want to do that again unless I had to!
  • But of course the bulk of my work for the monthly addition fell on the same week as my first grad school classes... At least now I know that I can truly do it all!


  • August is the busiest birthday month for me... It hold my mother's birthday, my best friend's birthday, my cousin's birthday and my own birthday! After checking out my credit card statement for the month, I realized that I really need to have a stricter budget... YAY REAL LIFE.
  • Now that I have realized just how small my income is, I have also come to the conclusion that I do not really need much more than what I have. All I really need to pay for each month is rent, gas, food, and the occasional good time. The truth is... I can live with less. 
  • Appreciating the little things in life can make a big difference in your day. I have found so much beauty and joy in my surroundings lately: from the mountains on my drive to work, to the blooming wildflowers in a plant box, on my porch. 
Do you have any advice for this post-grad gal?

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