Wednesday, August 12, 2015

22 things that make your 22nd birthday different from your 12th

Although I don't remember exactly what I did on my 12th birthday, 10 years ago, I'm quite sure that there was singing, running around, and cake involved. I just celebrated my 22nd birthday with a trip home, before my grad school classes start, and spent it running errands in my hometown, chilling on the couch, and having dinner with Mom and Dad... and it was a great day!

Isn't it crazy, what a difference 10 years can make though? I found that long chats with friends, free coffee, quality time with family, and a bonus birthday dinner are all I need to have a special day... and I am so thankful for that.

Anyways, here are 22 things that make your 22nd birthday different from your 12th: 

  1. You will be 40x more excited for your birthday if you know you will be able to sleep in
  2. Your birthday is no longer an excuse to "get out of all responsibilities," though you may still be able to slack a little bit
  3. You probably still have to work, unless your birthday lands on a weekend or a holiday, or you just happen to get incredibly lucky or are gutsy enough to ask for the day off
  4. If you do have to work, instead of your mom bringing a treat in for your class, someone at work may give you a treat... like cupcakes for the office (it's a big deal!) or a cup of coffee or a smile
  5. Oh yeah, you get way more excited for your free birthday Starbucks than for your cake
  6. It depends, but sometimes there isn't even cake... and that's okay, unless you're a cake person... if so, then treat yo'self to a cakepop
  7. You get a little annoyed with the Facebook notifications from people that you barely know, writing on your wall, but you can't help but check out who has or hasn't virtually wished you "happy birthday" 
  8. You either dress up a little more, because it's your birthday, or you dress completely comfy, because it's your birthday
  9. Not everyone will know it is your special day, and you don't really make a big deal out of it cause you're an adult now 
  10. You find that you still don't feel much different on your birthday, than you did the day before, and it makes you a little sad that this happens every year of adulthood from here on out
  11. But because it's your birthday, and you have your own money and your own schedule, you decide to treat yourself to something special like a new pair of shoes, an extra nice cup of coffee, or a nap
  12. However, now that you have your own money, but not a ton of it, you try not to spend much of it, even though it is your birthday
  13. But you may still use your day as an excuse to buy everything in your Amazon shopping cart
  14. Your birthday doesn't actually start until you're done with work for the day... and then it's time to party
  15. But there are rarely balloons 
  16. Instead of getting wrapped gifts (plural), you may get money, dinner out, or something (singular) that you can actually use for your kitchen or at work or for your hobby
  17. You find that now, gifts aren't really about the quantity, but more about the quality and utility 
  18. Also, just spending time with people you enjoy is a gift in itself
  19. If you are a post-graduate like me, then it is likely that not many of your friends nearby and/or available, so celebrations may be more toned down, but that doesn't make them any less wonderful
  20. And, if a lot of your friends are far away, today is the day that they catch up with you over the phone!
  21. But the next time they do see you, friends buy you drinks instead of gifts, and that's awesome
  22. And of course, when you turn 22, someone is bound to send this link to you and you will definitely roll your eyes, but still sing along: 

And many moreeee

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