Friday, August 7, 2015

Pinterest Find Friday: #4

After successfully making a trip back home to NY for the week, I have spent my days hanging around my hometown and chilling at home! Now that is what I call a vacation.

Here are some of my favorite finds this week, including a new take on coffee and homemade breakfast classics:

This pour over coffee photo from P&Co Coffee

Because I recently tried pour-over coffee for the first time! I never really drank coffee regularly until a few months ago, but as you can tell from my coffee pinterest board, I am enthralled. 

This perfect, casual, summer outfit

Summer really isn't my season, in regards to picking out what to wear... So I always turn to Pinterest for inspiration. I also recently bought similar sandals to the ones in the photo!

These homemade english muffins by

I have yet to really get into baking, but I am anxious to start. I always have English muffins at home and they are a breakfast/lunch/dinner staple. It would be wonderful to try and make some on my own!

This headstand:

After not practicing yoga for a while, I have started back up again. It has always been my goal to do a headstand, so this is just a little inspiration to get me there.

This quinceaƱera photo by gricelsphotography.pass:

My younger cousin's birthday is tomorrow... and she is turning 15 which is a big deal in hispanic culture. She will be having a quince party in just about a month and I am taking the photos at the event! I needed a little inspiration for photo poses and styles, and I have made a new board to organize what I find!

What are some of your top Pinterest finds?

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