Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Post grad life: month 2

The summer is winding down and a whole new phase of my life transition is almost upon me... I have been working at my University's communication office over the summer, but things are going to change a lot once undergrads start coming back to campus, university events start, and my own mba classes begin... But I still have a few weeks until then!

Here are a few things that I have learned during my second month of post grad life:

At the Office:

  • Avoid office gossip at all times - Though it is way too easy to partake in, it is unprofessional and could get you in to trouble. 
  • Be confident in the skills that you have - Sometimes I second guess myself at work. I am in charge of my university's social media platforms, and sometimes I am unsure if a post will do well for our vast audience. I have learned to trust my instincts in this regard. 
  • Don't be afraid to ask questions - I have also learned that I am still new to this job and I am still learning the ropes. Clarifying and asking for guidance only makes me better. 

As a Manager: 

  • Communication is key - Now that I am in my third month of being the managing editor for a local newspaper that prints monthly, I have learned the importance of communicating exactly what I need from writers and editors and doing so as early as possible, so the paper will still run on schedule. 

In Personal Life:

  • Sometimes, you just need a mini vacation to get away from the routine - A full time job can get boring, especially when you just seem to use weekends to catch up on sleep, run errands, and clean the house. It is great to be able to get away on a day trip or even an afternoon and relax outdoors or with friends.
  • Making an effort to keep in touch is important - It isn't easy to stay in touch with loved ones and friends who live far away, but it is good to make an effort to do so. My best friend just moved to Chicago, and the both of us are literally the worst at keeping in touch! Luckily, we have both been keeping up with each other and we have even called to chat a few times already!

At Home:

  • Try new things in the kitchen! - If you have been keeping up with my blog in the past few months, you can tell that I have been trying out a few new recipes, and it has been both exciting and fun! I hope to continue with experimenting in the kitchen. 

Do you have any advice or ideas on transitioning from college to the "real world?"

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