Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Post-grad, real life, impromptu travel: Requesting time off

If you have kept up with my blog or know me at all, you would realize that I quite like to go on adventures. One of the best things that I got out of my college experience was the opportunity to study abroad (twice!), which allowed me to challenge myself, find my independence and access who I truly am! I also came out of studying abroad with new friends, one of which is crazy enough to go on a whirlwind adventure with me to Paris and London! See the background of our insanity here.

Vanessa and I went to the same college, but we did not meet until we both studied abroad in London together during the spring of our sophomore year.
We ended up getting along and becoming even closer as the years went by. We had a mutual love of Shakespeare, British culture and Benedict Cumberbatch, so it makes sense that we ended up booking tickets to watch him perform as Hamlet at the Barbican in London, more than a year ago. We had no idea what we would be doing with our lives after graduation, but luckily, everything has worked out and we have flights upon flights and hostels booked for our six-day gallivant across the pond!

I was afraid to tell work that I would be missing three days... especially so soon after the college semester began and students just arrived to campus (which meant that there was more work for my office to do), but this is how I made sure things went as well as possible:
  • I told my co-workers via email weeks in advance
  • Made sure to seem both confident and humble when requesting days off
  • I reminded them in person, without making a big deal about it
  • Made a point to get some work done ahead of time, before I left
  • I made sure I would be able to make up my hours (a little bit before I leave and a little bit when I come back)
Thankfully, there has not been any issues and I am so relieved, but I know that it is good to cover all of your bases to make absences from work as easy and painless(for everyone) as possible. 

I am so glad that everything has worked in our favor and that, even though our trip is short, we are still able to go and will be sure to have a great time.

What is some advice that you have for recent grads who wish to ask for time off of work?

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