Sunday, August 2, 2015

Experimenting with chia seeds

I made a trip to my local co-op market (which is actually still about 45 minutes away from where I live) and decided to make a purchase of chia seeds... something that I have wanted to try for a long time. After perusing the bulk food section, I found the tiny little seeds and argued with myself over the price. I eventually gave in, since I have been intrigued by their apparent health benefits and versatility for a while. This was my first shot at the chia seed lifestyle:

For those of you who do not know, chia seeds are supposedly very healthy and they can help fill you up (since they form a jelly-like film when mixed with liquids), give you energy, have a lot of calcium and fiber, and are also high in protein. They are very unique and altogether strange and amazing at the same time!

I have ended up trying the usual "chia pudding," made from almond milk, a hint of vanilla extract, and a little bit of honey... when left overnight, the chia seeds expand and create their "jelly," so that in the morning, your airtight jar is filled with a pudding-like substance. It may take a while to get the consistency down.

Chia seeds are also great in smoothies! They have the same qualities whole as they do ground, so put a few tablespoons of them in with your kale for your next green smoothie.

 Another chia recipe that I tried before a workout was agua fresca with chia. I knew that this particular spin class would be tough, since we were working on endurance, and I just needed some energy to get through it after a long day of work. I filled up my mason jar with filtered water, chia seeds, lime juice, and a little bit of honey. I shook it up and let it sit for a half an hour so the chia seeds could soak up the water and expand.

Since I know for a fact, that it wasn't just my adrenaline kicking in during a climb at spin class, I attribute my improved attitude and energy level on these tiny little seeds!

Here are some other recipes that I would like to try with chia seeds:

What have you made, using chia seeds?

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