Wednesday, August 19, 2015

The best parts about visiting your hometown

After working all summer and living in my college town, I was finally able to take a week off and go back to my hometown in upstate New York. I had not been home in close to three months, which is a long gap of time, compared to how things were during my undergraduate career, where I would go home for every semester break. 

It was nice and refreshing to be home, especially because of the lack of humidity and the overall feeling you get when you are reunited with something you miss. 

Here are some of the greatest things about visiting your hometown after a long time away: 

  • Quality time with friends and family 
  • You already know where everything is, so your car basically drives itself
  • Sleeping in your bed at home
  • You get to visit your favorite places like restaurants, outdoor areas, and local attractions

  • You become the center of attention when you run into people you haven't seen in a while and get to catch up
  • Getting to use your favorite coffee mug that you left at home or something similar that you missed while you were away
  • You still know how to blend in with locals, even though you have been away for a while

  • Chances are, you will probably get to have quality down time when you are home
  • Stocking up on your favorite local foods
  • Home will always be home, no matter how much things change. It just leaves you with a good feeling. 
What are your favorite parts of visiting your hometown?

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