Thursday, May 28, 2015

Warsaw, Poland

Today, according to my FitBit Flex, I walked 8 miles along the sidewalks of Warsaw and I was lucky to be able to cover nearly everything that I had wanted to see in the city. I had such a wonderful day, but now I am exhausted...but before I turn in, here is a little bit about Warsaw and what I saw there:
With fresh bouquets of flowers for sale on every corner, how can you not love this place?
This morning, my tour group went on a bus tour through the city, and then we had the afternoon to explore on our own. We stopped in a famous park with a monument to Chopin, the famous composer. Apparently the rest of the park is gorgeous and a great place to relaz, but we didn't get a chance to explore it further.  
We spent a lot of time in Old Town Square, and we saw the statue of the mermaid, which, according to folklore, helped found the city. 
I did not realize that Marie Curie was born in Warsaw, so I was surprised when we walked by her house and museum, which was decorated with her accomplishments, as can be seen above. She is so highly looked up to in the science community. 
My family and I love pierogis, so we stopped at a restaurant which had a huge selection of them. We ended up eating spinach and cheese pierogis and then blueberry pierogis for lunch. They were delicious! And the restaurant that we were at had the menu translated adorably into English, complete with a pierogi poem. 
The Memorial to the Warsaw Uprising, above, is definitely something to see on a trip to Warsaw. It is very powerful and the figures are larger than life. 
We also visited the tomb of the Unknown Soldier and watched the changing of the guard, which happens every hour on the hour. 
For the rest of our day, we just explored the city on foot and we happened upon a nice open air market, complete with delicious bread and crafts! 
A definite highlight of my time in Warsaw was my stop in A. Blikle, which was Charles de Gaulle's favorite bakery and coffee shop. They are known for their rose donuts, seen above. The donuts were sooooo good. 
And the dark chocolate mocha tasted even better than it looks! What a fantastic stop. 
I would definitly put Warsaw on my list of places to visit again. It had the perfect mix of old and new, and it is full of history and hope.

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