Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Poznań, my first taste of Poland

On our bus trip from Berlin to Warsaw, Poland, we stopped for a short while in a little town called Poznan. Although there were many tourists in the town, it was mostly because several bus tours stop there on the way to Warsaw. 
The Old Town Square was adorable and there were several different groups of schoolchildren and tourists visiting. At noon, everyone was gathered underneath the town hall building to watch the clock strike 12. Two little wooden rams come out of the clock tower and butt heads 12 times. The children would count in Polish along with the clock chimes and it was super adorable. 
Since it was our first time in Poland, we found ourselves a little Polish diner to have lunch in. We had spinach pierogis, traditional vegetable soup and strawberry crepes for dessert.  
The town was full of fountains and statues, as well as little quiet streets. It was a lot different from the busyness of Berlin and Frankfurt, and it was honestly kind of nice to get away from tourist-central. 
Polish is even harder for me to understand than German is! Hopefully we can get by for the next few days. 
While we were exploring, I found some propaganda from the Capital... I have no idea what the poster says, but President Snow is on it and I thought it was really cool. 
I will probably never get to Poznan again, but the people that we met there were sweet and it was a quiet little town where we enjoyed a nice afternoon and break from the bus. 

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