Sunday, May 3, 2015

How it feels to be done with college:

TGIF- Thank God it's Finals? 
Friday was my last day of undergraduate classes ever, and the only thing that I feel right now is sweet relief. 
I just turned in my last paper (the one that I both started and finished on Thursday night) for my last Spanish class and I finally feel like I can breathe. This year, my last year as an undergrad, was challenging and sometimes scary, but I have overcome all the things that have stood in my way, and it just feels so good to be finished.
Finals week is a bit of a joke for me, since I only have two exams, one on Wednesday and one on Friday. Next weekend is Senior Formal and I graduate on Sunday, Mother's Day.
The majority of this coming weekend and week will consist of spending time with friends, trying to squeeze in every last bit of fun and memory making that we can. We will take lots of photos, make lots of jokes, and probably cry.
I should also probably study at least a little bit.
Although I will be continuing my studies at my same university, since I will be getting my MBA here for the next two years, I know that a lot of things are going to change after graduation.

  • My roommates and I have lived together since freshman year... we were randomly placed with each other and somehow we have managed to love each other throughout our time here. Although we have gotten to know each other almost too well, I will miss saying goodnight to them and talking to them in the dark as we fall asleep.  
  • I'm going to start wearing business clothes almost every day... this means that I need to spend more money to develop my work wardrobe and that is literally the last thing that I want to spend a ton of money on. 
  • One of my favorite things about College is living in such close proximity to all of my friends. It is hard to get bored when everyone lives in the same building complex as you do. Next year, although most of my friends are staying in the area, we will actually have to make plans to see each other, instead of just walking across the quad and knocking on each other's doors. 
  • I'm going to have to start paying monthly rent... and I'm really not looking forward to writing those checks every month for my new landlord. 
Graduation is the pure definition of "bittersweet." I will try my hardest to make this next week the best that it can be. 

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