Thursday, May 21, 2015

Taking in Toronto, Canada

My first stop on this post-grad adventure lays just a three hour drive away from my hometown in New York. Tomorrow, we will flying out of Toronto to head to Frankfurt, Germany, so we decided to add a few days in Toronto to our trip. I have not visited the city since I was little, so it was great to get to know it again. 
Since it is summer, naturally, I packed summery clothes for our trip... Although I did bring a cardigan, a light jacket, a light sweater, and a rain jacket with me (I still consider this "packing light"), these were not enough to repel the classic Canadian cold... especially the winds of the streets of Toronto. We stopped by the Eaton Centre, pictured above, to see if I could find a heavier sweater and perhaps a scarf. 
Although we did not find anything affordable there, it was nice to window shop. I also really loved the art installation of Canadian Geese.
Later on, we visited Loblaws, a huge grocery store chain, which had a clothing store called Joe Fresh. There I found both a warm, comfy sweatshirt and a scarf for great prices!
We have found some really great breakfasty places on our short stay in Toronto. Pictured above is a glorious mixed berry and goat cheese waffle that I had at the Pickle Barrel, on Yonge Street, just before we went to see the play, Once. Although it was huge, I ate the whole thing, as well as all of the fruit that came with it. I recommend stopping by, and I also recommend seeing a play while in the city, since it is full of great theatres. It reminded me a lot of London. 
Just this afternoon, we went to Figs for lunch ( and I had a delicious Greek omelet. I think I have turned into Ron Swanson with all the breakfast foods I have had in these few short days. 
Another stop that we made was to the Aga Khan Museum, ( which houses art and artifacts from the Middle East. It opened relatively recently, and they are currently doing the landscaping. 
One of our last stops in Toronto was the St. Lawrence Market, pictured below! At the market, you can find local foods such as meat, fish, bread, legumes by the pound, ethnic foods (like pierogis) and lots of olives and Mediterranean bars. There was so much to see. If I lived in Toronto, I would definitely frequent this market, though the prices are a little higher than regular grocery stores. 

That is about it for my stay in Toronto... but I have really enjoyed the feel of the city. It has a lot of different little areas, which I would have loved to explore more, and it was almost like a taste of Europe in North America! I really cannot wait to come back!
Next stop, Frankfurt!
Do you know of any other places that are worth visiting in Frankfurt?

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