Friday, May 15, 2015

My first post-grad summer!

Looks like we made it!
Although it is still hard for even me to believe, I graduated with my Bachelor of Arts degrees in Communication studies and Spanish this past weekend! Four years of hard work and a great college experience had led me to this point. It is an overwhelming feeling which can really only be summed up as bittersweet.
Finals week was a total blur for me and the weekend that followed was full of events such as senior formal, a Baccalaureate Mass, and graduation on Sunday. I remember seeing all my friends walk across stage, and then waiting for the moment where my name was called. I don't actually remember the walk, but I was assured by my friends and family that the announcer read off both of my degrees and I definitely did not trip. Thank goodness!
After graduation, my life still moved at the speed of light. I had to pack up all of my stuff from my dorm room and put it in storage for the summer, since I will be moving back to Maryland in June. I also had to say goodbye to all of my lovely friends for an undetermined amount of time, which was as hard as you can believe it to be. I then made the six to seven hour drive home by car, which left me exhausted.
I got more sleep during my first few nights at home than I had for all of the week before graduation... and this seemed to be the general experience for graduating seniors.
Now that I am home, I am preparing to enjoy a shortened summer break, though one that will be full of adventures and excitement. (I will be posting on my upcoming trip soon!)
After I return from my trip, it will be a quick transition and move back South, to my college town, where I will be moving in to my first real apartment and starting summer work for my university, as well as beginning some prerequisite courses for my MBA... I will definitely be posting all about these exciting transitions later on!
For now, I will focus on unpacking my school supplies and immediately packing up again for my trip.
Stay tuned!

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