Monday, June 4, 2012

the (re)start

Oh okay so here we go: here's the low down:
I've made it through my very first year of college, made it on the dean's list and gotten a job. That is quite a lot to accomplish for someone with so much on her mind. I've also kept up a long distance relationship with my lovely boyfriend and we're happily reunited for three months, until we start sophomore year....

I've been so busy that my writing has suffered... something so important and precious to me has been forgotten .... it's sad i know, but what's done is done 

I've decided to really try and restart this blog again because i've figured out that i live an intriguing, interesting and unconventional life. I mean, in many ways i'm just like your average 18 year old girl:
- I have friends
- I drive
- I love to shop
- I would love to be at the beach right now
- I keep a diary

But at the same time, i'm different from a lot of people i see on a day to day basis:
- I speak spanish
- I am in love (not fake love.... real love) (i'm sure of it)
- I dont drink
- I've traveled
- I like to cook and garden
- I work with people i  have (nearly) nothing in common with 
- I still have a curfew.............. (angryface)
- I want to see every part of the world in every light

The list goes on....
I just want to keep an online diary that i can share with other people, whomever would ever be interested in my life.
So let's just see how this goes....
until next time,

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