Sunday, June 17, 2012

Reflection Introspection

There is a certain comfort in knowing that there is one person out there who knows you inside and out and has your back at all times, even when your reasoning is completely ridiculous and your face is all puffy from crying.
He's on your side. He takes silly blames even when you're really at fault, he goes out of his way to make you smile, he's a gentleman at all times, even when there is nobody around to see him.
He tells you secret secrets and doesn't need to ask you to not tell, it's just a given that you won't. He knows your faults and you know his: you work together to keep them at bay. (he always picks you up because you get shaky and you make him sandwiches without cheese or mustard) (and that's not just because you're a lady... it's because you love him and just happen to also love making food) (and also because he's very picky)
He asks if you're okay... even when you're smiling because he knows what your fake smile looks like... and he knows what irks you
He's kind and caring to everyone who crosses his path... He has a good soul and a love for his family and friends.
He's your best friend... and he's the best at it
He never lets you down... and even when he does... he makes up for it so much that the let down is forgotten forever... that cancels it out.
He knows when to be hard on you: he lets you study, makes sure you have time with family and friends, and keeps you healthy... like by sending you care packages at school
He jokes... He knows how to make you laugh or smile.
He kisses you at the perfect time... even when you're in the middle of apologizing... all is forgiven in a kiss.
He never forgets all the silly little things that are special... like the first time you said something embarrassing in front of him, or when he made you a CD.
He doesn't change, and neither do your feelings. No matter how near or how far... even when you go for months without seeing each other
He loves you
And you love him
It's a comfort to know that you're in this together, for the long run. That you both have the same intentions and goals... that this is real and alive and thriving. Through trials and tribulations, and even when people doubt... this love is strong.
I'm really lucky, proud, happy, blessed to have him 

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