Wednesday, June 6, 2012


Today Alex and I went to the local animal shelter, just for fun. It was fun! We made a promise to not fall in love with any animals, since we don't live together and cannot afford to take care of them.
I learned the meaning of "puppy eyes" today, when an old beagle looked at us longingly as we approached his cage...
I saw a beautiful coonhound! Oh he was so big and lean and athletic looking. He was young, and the sheet said that he had been in and out. All he needs is some space and an owner that can keep up with him.
His name was Duke.
Alex likes Boxers... but see I dont think theyre very pretty. They are an athletic looking dog, which I admire, but I dont see myself ever getting a Boxer. I like the kind of dogs that are big and strong but cuddly. Boxers look a little aggressive, though i know they arent always.
We saw cats too. I dont particularly love cats, but when you look at them, and they look back through the glass, you can just tell that theyre thinking, analyzing. Who knows what goes on in their minds, but there is definitely something there.
Later, we went outside to see the goats, sheep, pigs and horses:

They clearly loved us.
It was a great date: lots of hand holding, fence leaning and laughing. Alex is my best friend. I love sharing special times with him. He and I will laugh at the memory of this. It was just a really nice summer afternoon.

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