Saturday, June 16, 2012

Fashion Friday! (even though it is Saturday)

Please humor me... I woke up this morning with the desire to try something new... I love photography and I love fashion... so I decided to try my hand with fashion blog post... I don't have enough patience to do this everyday... but perhaps I will try to do it every Friday ... Fashion Friday! I think I have pretty unique style, so why not share it! There is also a story that goes along with many of my outfits... maybe I'll just tell you a bit about my outfit for work today. I work at a large, popular clothing store. There is no set dress code except that clothing that is too short or too revealing are prohibited. And of course, employees cannot wear things that are obviously from competing retailers.
It just gets really cold in my store...
Pretty armature... but that really is what I am;)
Dark brown pants, add a nice belt. The shirt is a genuine army shirt that I cut... because it had a suffocating (physically and emotionally) turtleneck. It hangs off the shoulder, so I wear bright tank tops underneath and a long necklace.
This is from American Eagle outfitters, from forever ago.
The bag is really something special. It is Bruon Lorelli (a designer I have yet to look up) and I got it for $8 at a thrift store... It was one of my greatest buys. I wear it everywhere. It has just enough pockets to fit everything, even my little moleskin notebook.

 It is a treasure for sure.
I will wear this outfit with brown sandals and colorful bracelets. I will probably have my hair tied back and a bright headband or bandana.