Wednesday, November 13, 2013


Hello! Yes, I am alive! 
I'm planning for the revival of my blog because this nearly two and a half month hiatus has reminded me of just how important writing is to me. I've been so very busy with university and work that I have let go of some of the activities that I really love to do. This has made for a very stressed and anxious Angela. 
I've made a point to start running again, and I have been pretty dedicated thus far, but we will have to see if that changes with finals and chilly weather coming up. I've been running on one of the trails near my university and I have enjoyed pushing myself to go farther and faster. I did not realize just how much I loved the slight soreness that welcomes me when I try to get out of bed in the morning after going for a nice long run the day before. 
I have also been going to the weight room at my school... This is the first semester that I have ever even set foot in the weight room! For the past two years, I've been intimidated by the people who frequent the gym... Most of them happen to be athletic males who wear muscle shirts, grunt loudly, and make a point to slam their dumbbells down like they are trying to announce to the others in the room that they are, indeed, the alpha male and that they could take over for Atlas if need be. 
I try not to make eye contact. 
Running and working out in my spare time has helped me survive this semester, but it hasn't been enough. I've never been this busy, and I actually enjoy all the extracurriculars that I am involved in, but it bothers me that I have had to give up writing and blogging to do homework or sleep. 
(I just have not been able to embrace the true college lifestyle because I know myself and myself does not function properly past 1 a.m. let alone on no sleep at all.)  
(Also, I refuse to be a part of the "all-nighter" club because I know how miserable I will be for the remainder of the day and I am already always tired enough.)
Hopefully, that will change, and I will find time to both as well as balance all the activities and work that I have to do to keep up with school, enjoy life as a young adult, better my future and all that jazz. 
Well, cheers to the newest rebirth of my blog!

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