Friday, November 22, 2013

Fashion Friday: 11/22/13

If I were a pessimist, I would start out by saying that this has been one of the most stressful weeks of my life, but since I try not to be so negative, I'm going to go ahead and say how thankful I am that I survived this week and that it is finally Friday.  
I owe a big thanks to the contents of my sweater drawer, because my trusty pull-overs have helped me get through this week without looking like a mess. 
For some reason, when I was around fifteen, I refused to wear sweaters... I would only wear cardigans or zip-up hoodies so that I could show off the shirt that I was wearing underneath them. Though this makes sense, I do not know why my past self decided that sweaters were unacceptable. 
The sweaters pictured above are all ones that I have acquired within the past year. The one at the top of the photo (and at the bottom of the pile) is from pull and bear. I am still so very proud of myself for finding this lovely, light sweater, with its delicate shoulder cut outs and slit in the back at a store on Oxford Street, in London, and purchasing it for around £10. I also bought a peplum shirt there for £3. That is my kind of shopping trip!
The next sweater was also bought while in London. I love how unique it is. It is from Europe's version of F21, Primark.
The maroon sweater is from a fabulous thrift shop in my area. It is made of wool and is from Eddie Bauer. It is so very warm and cozy. Although the bottom of the sweater is not fitted in the way that I would prefer, if I could wear it every day, I would. 
Next is a comfy creme jumper from the Gap. This sweater is a classic, however I have just begun to appreciate it for its true value. I was wary of wearing sweaters tucked in for the majority of my years on this earth. Even though you may not have anxiety of untucked shirts and sweaters, here is a photo from pinterest of a simple outfit with this kind of sweater.    

At the very bottom of the first photo is a quirky sweater that I bought at a thrift shop near my hometown. it has parrots on the sleeves and is a great conversation starter. A sweater like this is meant to be worn with long hair tied back, so that people can really see the details along the sleeves. 

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