Sunday, September 1, 2013

chronic wanderlust

I knew that when I came back from an incredible three months in Europe, it would be difficult to adjust, but I was not prepared for the restlessness and yearning that I have experienced on a daily basis since I came back to the US. It's not that I don't like the US or where I live; it will always be home for me, it is just very different from the life I led in London.
Whenever my mind wanders, I can usually find it walking (with purpose) down some city street.
I miss the city so much.
I especially miss the people. I would pass hundreds of unique souls, just on my way to class each morning. It was incredible to see the differences between each person walking by.
I miss the closeness of the buildings and how there was always somewhere to go and something interesting to do. Even just getting groceries at the local Tesco was an adventure.
I miss the freedom of being able to roam wherever I wished. We traveled to so many places and it was so easy to get there and back again. 
The mundane bores me here in a way that I don't think I ever felt while abroad.
On nights like tonight, I just have this urge that tells me to go... just GO anywhere, anyway that I can. And I want to.
I want to get lost somewhere and be able to find my way back home when I'm good and ready.

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