Thursday, August 23, 2012

Year 2

I have begun my sophomore year in college! I'm all moved in and have already done some homework. This semester will be tough... I know there will be a lot of reading and a lot of work involved. I'm excited though. I like all my classes. I am in a broadcast journalism class... and it reminds me a lot of the interviews I plan on conducting about fashion! Perhaps I can even do my final project on something like that.
I would love to be a fashion journalist... like Alexa Chung. My dream would be to host a talk show and write on the side.
Things have been very busy around here since move in day... but I am getting used to it all over again! College is such a gift. It is a time to learn... not only to gain knowledge, but to learn about relationships and yourself. Living the college life is not easy... especially when you're so far away from the ones you love (my hometown is about 6.5 hours away, and my boyfriend goes to school about 5 hours away from there) but it is the best experience. It is the accelerated learning of life lessons. I love it! I do not enjoy it all the time... especially when the neighbors are loud, or I wait to do a paper to the last moment, but I am living on my own, working on campus and following my dreams.
I will cherish these years... they are so important.

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