Friday, August 17, 2012

Emily B.

This is Emily! She will be my first feature in this blog. Emily has been my friend throughout high school and she has an amazing style. She actually received the "most fashionable" senior superlative in our yearbook.
Emily goes to college in New York City and spends her free time people watching... she hopes to start a blog about the cute couples she sees from day to day.
My fashionista friend would describe her style as,
"90s grunge mixed with modern day... what's the Addams family girl's name?"
Wednesday Addams 
Emily's signature outfits are all black; goth but not goth.
This particular outfit has a story to it:
"The sweater always reminds me of a date that I went on with an ex- boyfriend," she says with a smile.
Her boots are Dr. Martens, the first pair that she ever bought and she got her purse from a cute Italian man while on a school trip abroad.
"We were on a cute cobblestone street and I was between this bag and another, prism- shaped one. I should have bought both."
Emily and I had a nice time walking through the village. We caught up and celebrated her birthday over froyo.
There is no doubt that she will be featured again in this blog.

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