Tuesday, August 14, 2012


Here is the thing about summer... it always has to end. I'm so excited to go to college and see all my friends again. I cannot wait to get back into the swing of things. I'm going to be in a creative writing class and I am going to start running again.
Summer has had its ups and downs, but altogether it has been pretty great. This past month has been incredibly busy for me. I've been on vacation, had soooo many hours of work, turned 19, and started packing. It is so hard to believe that I go to school in a week. I have so much to do in such a short time. I have to make my boyfriend's birthday gift, pack a ton, and say too many goodbyes.
It is going to be really hard to leave my parents, boyfriend and my friends. I'll miss them dearly.
Unfortunately, I have not gotten around to any interviews... this disappoints me. Hopefully I will gain courage and free time when I go back to school.

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