Wednesday, August 29, 2012


Style, by Lauren Conrad, was a quick read, but had so much information within its pages. It had the basic -basic things, such as how to build up your closet with things that will always stay in fashion, to how to shop vintage. I do not really follow the lives of celebrities very much, but if anyone knows about fashion, shopping and being in the public eye, it is Lauren Conrad. She also had help from her stylists.
This book was actually helpful and interesting. It was very light and simple. She covered a wide range of topics including: what to pack on a trip, when you know it is time to get rid of an article of clothing, and even how to do hair and makeup.
Lauren Conrad also put in some personalized stories which were quite relatable. She is just like a normal girl...... who is always in the public eye and just happens to have a lot of time and money to go shopping.

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