Tuesday, August 7, 2012


These next few weeks will be very busy for me... I'm working a lot this week, celebrating my birthday this weekend and getting ready to go back to school! I'm a little stressed. I'm disappointed that I havent been able to interview anybody yet... I've been chickening out... always finding excuses not to hand them my business card. I think it will be easier when I have a little more time and fewer distractions.
This is the outfit that I wore to work yesterday:
 I am in love with this skirt... I only bought it about a month ago and I've worn it a lot! It goes with anything and everything. I had to think a lot about buying a hi-lo skirt... and I'm so glad I decided to get one!

My photographer (my mother) and I were experimenting with lenses from a nice camera that my mom has had for a while. I think the photos came out very cool!

This is the lens.
Have a lovely day!

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