Monday, December 28, 2015

my week in objects (mostly).

This week's post is different than most (and also belated) as I've been on the road due to the holidays! I'm spending some quality time with family in Washington, D.C. and it has been absolutely wonderful!

So here are five little things that made my week: 

1. this selfie. 

anglesbyangela holiday selfie my week in objects (mostly)

(because I love getting to hang with my cousin, Galla, who keeps me young.)

2. this displaced window.

anglesbyangela holiday my week in objects (mostly)

(because it was a surprise to find this hanging around my apartment building.)

3. this sunset.

anglesbyangela holiday sunset my week in objects (mostly)

(because I got to share it with people I love.) 

4. this coffee and chocolate bread combo.

anglesbyangela holiday snack coffee my week in objects (mostly)

(because both gave me life.)

5. this picnic basket and view.

anglesbyangela holiday picnic my week in objects (mostly)

(because what is better than bringing a cute picnic basket full of goodies to a winery, and pigging out all afternoon?)

How are you spending the holidays?

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