Friday, October 26, 2012

Noelle and Emily

These are my roommates/ best friends and they let me photograph their outfits last Sunday. We had gotten all dressed up to go to mass.
 Emily is an International Studies major. She also plays field hockey and loves to chat. She is my best friend and I am soooo glad that she is going to London with me next semester. I would be a lot more nervous if I didn't have her to go with me. We are going to be rooming together and taking almost all the same classes together.

 Noelle is a science major and she wants to be a pediatrician "when she grows up." She is starting a pre-med club on campus and she loves to yell at our tv while watching Raven's Football. The team is her pride and joy. She is also my best friend.



  1. Angela I just found your blog this morning and I must say that your blog is awesome!! Keep up the good work :-) may I follow?