Monday, November 5, 2012

Rebekah H.

Rebekah is one of my best friends at college. She is a sophomore, like me, an RA and a Theology major. To go along with her major, she is getting an emphasis in youth ministry and secondary education so that she can someday be a youth minister or religion teacher. I can already tell that she will be great at whatever she does. Rebekah is probably one of the most caring people that I know. She is also quite popular here at school, seeing that she is friends with everybody; From the freshman to the huge basketball players.
Over the weekend, Rebekah and I, along with some of our friends, walked to a thrift store about a mile away from our school. I have found some great buys at thrift stores before, such as one of my favorite leather bags for $8.
Rebekah found a lot of items that just fit her and her personality, perfectly.The shirt that she is wearing in the photo above is actually long sleeved and shiny. It reminds me of a circus and I love it! She also bought the Lacoste sweater for $3 at the thrift store.
It was clearly owned by a man before. A really great part of thrift shopping is all the little treasures you find while looking for wearable clothing. James Pauley lived or is living somewhere and bought this sweater however long ago. It comes with a story, and Rebekah is just continuing the story.
Within the first sweep of the clothing section of the little thrift store, I did not find much. However, after some hard looking, I found some treasures, each for just $3.
 This sweater is perfect for the cold months ahead. It is really heavy but comfortable. It is also good quality. I love the purse. It is not as heavy as the last leather bag that I bought while thrifting and I think that is why I like it so much. I will most likely be bringing it to London with me.
 This shirt is from Eddie Baur and I thought that the pattern was really interesting. After trying it on, it was a little oddly shaped but I still like it a lot.
 This is the patchwork detail on a large Lee sweatshirt. I love it! I wore it all day Sunday. It is so warm and comfortable. I could sleep in it! At first, I thought it was a grandma-y sweater, but after thinking about it, I realized that I was in love.
This scarf is a little itchy, but the cool blue just called to me. I wore this today with a longsleeve shirt and jeans. It brings a pop of color to my outfits, seeing as most of the clothes I own are the same colors (black, gray, navy blue, army green, tan).
This thrifting trip was a huge success. I am going to have to go more often, especially because I bought all these things for less than $20. It also goes to a good cause. The proceeds from the particular thrift store that we went to go towards helping the Daughters of Charity.
How nice!

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