Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Morgan C.

Morgan is a sophomore who knows how to dress for chilly, fall weather. She would usually describe her style as “preppy/ casual,” but this outfit is all about being warm and comfy, while still looking stylish.
            “I own about fifteen v- neck sweaters” said Morgan, when I asked her about the go- to items that she has in her closet. You can never have too many sweaters. Personally, I am drawn to articles that have just a little bit of a design on them, just so they are not plain. I especially liked the detailed knitting in the front of this sweater.
            The piece that stood out to me the most about this outfit was Morgan’s skirt. Usually around this time of year, plaid is found on plaid shirts. This skirt was refreshing and perfectly suited for fall. I asked if there was a story behind it and she told me that she had to go to two different stores in order to buy it.
“I knew the skirt was on sale, so I went to the store to buy it but they did not have the right size. My sister and I drove fifty minutes away to get it.” She had been hunting for a good deal.
            A good pair of boots is also ideal to have for the fall. I live in mine throughout half of the year, during fall and winter. Morgan’s boots are combat-esque, like a toned down pair of Dr. Martens.
            “I got them when I worked at a shoe store, so they were half off” Morgan stated. She believes that dressing nicely should not have to be expensive.
            “I like to look for sales or spend more money on a piece I know will last me for a long time.” As a college student, this is the best way to shop.

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