Tuesday, September 18, 2012

A Rainy Day Post

It poured today... like torrential downpour/ monsoon season... It was insane.
I know for a fact that it rains a whole lot in England, so I need to go there prepared for the weather.
I already have a pair of Black Wellingtons. They are a necessity, especially when there are flash floods and mud all over. They make me invincible!
Sperry's Pelican Tall Rain Boot :
The ones I have are very similar to this. I like mine a bit better because they have two sets of gold buckles, which make them not so four- year - old puddle jumper and dress the boot up just a little bit. I love them! I am bringing them with me to England, I do not care how much space they take up in my luggage.
I like to wear legwarmers and tight pants with my rain boots. They make me look cozy and actually help my boots fit better.
Hunter  boots are also good quality and very popular right now. A girl in my hallway has bright teal ones, which I love. They brighten things up on rainy days.
How appropriate!
The obvious rainy day necessity is a good rain coat. You have to try on and test out a rain coat before you buy it. I learned the hard way. I love the rain coat I have right now, but the hood flies off my head and I have no way to make it tighter. I usually end up holding it over my eyes so that rain does not make me blind or get my hair wet. It is a pain. I am on the lookout for a new rain coat, preferably something bright.
The North Face has a great selection of bright, good quality rain coats. They are a bit expensive, but they are so durable. It is definitely worth it.


This is the one that I am thinking about getting. The colors are gorgeous.
Rainy weather is not my favorite, although walking through the monsoon today made me feel like I was on an adventure. A perfect rainy day outfit can make a day like today so much better. Especially when you are kept warm and dry.


  1. ty Hunter bych brala hned!

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