Sunday, January 24, 2016

my week in objects (mostly).

five little things that made my (hectic) week:

1. this adorable, glass travel mug.

(because I love everything that KeepCup stands for and was happy to purchase such an adorable and necessary accessory to keep on me at all times.)

2. this practice partner.

(because what better way to be distracted from your yoga flow than a yoga cat? #namaste)

4. this chilly afternoon in D.C. with friends. 

(because both of us NY natives love our second home state.)

4. These "healthy" breakfast muffins.

(because they reminded me of my mom's famous carrot cake.)

5. these snowpocalypse provisions. 

(because I snacked on several homemade peanut butter cookies later on. It's all about balance.)

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