Friday, November 6, 2015

my week in objects (mostly):

Erin Boyle's blog, reading my tea leaves is one of my favorites! She portrays the kind of life that I would like to lead: a little family, in a little apartment, living a sustainable life in the big city.

Anyways, Erin usually writes a "my week in objects" post that highlights some of the best little objects that have made an impact on her life that week. I have always liked the idea and look forward to the posts because they are simple but say a lot in regards to appreciating the little things in life...

So here are five little things that made my week:

1. these fall favorites.

 (because even though Halloween is over, they are still in season.)

2. this feline friend.

(because we got her from the shelter a month ago and she has settled in to our apartment so well.)

3. these purple blooms.

(because Thai basil makes for some great pesto.)

4. these hideous/cute fleece pajama pants.

(because my landlord hasn't turned on the heat yet, and I prefer to be cozy.)

5. this camera.

(because my mother is letting me borrow it and I cannot wait to develop the film.)

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