Tuesday, November 17, 2015

30 things I am thankful for

Post-graduate life is similar, but also very different from life during undergrad. I now live 6+ hours from my hometown, and though I work and am getting my MBA from my undergraduate university, I have moved into my own apartment in a new town, have my own car, am studying in a new discipline and have two jobs.

I have gone through a lot of big changes in the past few months, and it has not always been easy or pleasant, but I have learned so much about myself, the real world and life in general. I have come to rely a lot on the experiences I have had. They have made me more independent, knowledgeable and worldly in a short period of time than I ever believed was possible.

I am in a stage of life between college and the big bad world, and through this, I have found just how much I rely on myself. I have learned to appreciate a lot of the little things in my busy life, so here are just a few things that I am thankful for in this season of gratitude:
  1. Phone calls from long distance friends
  2. Being able to afford my own apartment
  3. Freshly brewed green tea in the morning 
  4. Things that grow, like my thai basil plant
  5. "Good mornings" from co-workers
  6. The mountains that surround my town
  7. Pinterest recipes 
  8. A trusty radio station
  9. Finding my faith again
  10. My gas stove
  11. Humble confidence 
  12. Worn out running shoes
  13. Being treated as a valued, equal member in the office (even though I'm just a graduate assistant)
  14. Baguettes 
  15. The whole idea of wanderlust 
  16. Office banter
  17. My car's miles per gallon 
  18. Not being afraid to make mistakes
  19. Letters from family
  20. Color-coordinated planner entries
  21. The window in my bathroom that lets me shower in the rays of the sunrise each morning
  22. The opportunities I have been given through my job(s) and MBA classes
  23. My beloved camera 
  24. Hugs from Mom and Dad
  25. Warm socks
  26. My independence
  27. Free weekends
  28. Spotify (student) Premium
  29. Mason jars
  30. Wisdom from literature, the Bible, peers and myself
I could honestly have gone on with 100+ more things that I am grateful for, but these seemed to be the most pertinent at this point in time. Though some are silly, material things, others have provided me with comfort, support or excitement and what is more valuable than that?

Through the rest of this Thanksgiving season, I want to take the time to notice the little things that make a difference in my life and appreciate them. 

What are you most thankful for?


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  2. I think I need to make a list like this- such a good idea to remind ourselves how blessed and privelaged we really are! :) Thanks for the reminder!

    Ethical Fashion + Faith Blogger

    1. Thanks so much Christine! It was a great way to reflect :)

    2. Also just checked out your blog and I LOVE IT! #sustainablefashion #ethicalconsumerism