Saturday, January 5, 2013


I've been quite busy lately with packing up my entire room and bringing all my stuff home and the holidays. I have also been preparing for my study abroad trip to London. I am getting so excited but I am also incredibly nervous! I have been to Europe before so at least I have some experience... but I will be living in London for three entire months! I have no idea how to pack for this... I will be bringing the Chaps bag that I have in the photo above, as well as a backpack, a carry on and one big suitcase. That sounds like so much... but I am staring at my suitcase right now and it is already looking too small to fit all the shoes that I had hoped to bring.... oh boy.
So far, I know that I will be bringing my Wellington boots as well as the "amphibious boots" that I am wearing in the photo above. I also need to bring a pair of heels and a nice blazer for the internship that I will be doing.
An idea that I had (that I thought was just brilliant before, though now it seems like common sense) was to bring some plain- ish shirts and some bold, bright necklaces... that will make a ton of different outfits...
A person who is in charge of the program suggested that we bring two sweaters...........two? TWO?? That would be like two and a half outfits.... I will sacrifice some shoe space for some more sweaters. That advice was just ridiculous so I took it... and I threw it out the window.
One question that has come to mind has been: do I bother to bring a swim suit?
And the answer is... yes... because we shall be traveling around England as well as to Scotland and the Czech Republic and hopefully to other places which may have hotels with pools... Also... I would really love to go to Italy or Greece but I am not quite sure if we will be able to get over there.
I will post a final count of what I will pack and hopefully I will become more dedicated to updating this blog in the near future...

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