Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Closer and Closer

I cannot believe that I leave the US in a little under a week. It is insane how quickly this break has gone by. I have gotten a lot done... though I am still behind on packing. I do have an idea of what I will bring though!
I have plenty of sweaters for the damp, London weather... I also have good boots for walking the city streets. I am so excited to be living in the big city! I have always been intrigued by New York City... I almost went to college there. I am sure life will be much different in the city from how it is in my middle- of - nowhere college in Maryland and my hometown in upstate New York. I am going to take in every minute of it.
I wonder if these boots are acceptable in England... I'm really not sure. Maybe people will give me silly looks... but I don't care. They are my most favorite pair of boots at the moment. They make me feel invincible: I can walk through tall grass or water and they are so silent. They are great for prowlin'.

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