Monday, July 9, 2012

Wanted: denim shirt

I usually try to plan my outfits ahead of time... especially for work, class and church....
I find that the best time to plan is when I'm in bed, with my eyes closed but when my brain is still functioning in the real world. The other night I planned an entire set of outfits that all included a denim shirt that I had seen at work earlier that day! My outfits were perfect for transitioning from work to going out. So functional. So comfy! The main problem here is that I don't own a denim shirt... I've been saving my money to find the perfect one!
I would wear my denim shirt with a plain t-shirt underneath and maybe jeans that were a different shade, or my green slacks.
I could also wear it over a dress or with a skirt that has a nice pattern.
This one is a little too dark for me... It says "faded" but I would like one that is a little more interesting.
This one  is apparently unisex. But even if it isn't, I would go with the light wash indigo. I know that I would be able to wear this with more of the clothes in my closet than a denim shirt with a darker wash... I have too many dark/navy/black clothes in my closet anyways.
This one looks so interesting! I love tribal styled kinds of clothing. However, this would take some thinking to make an outfit or a set of outfits...
Oh wow .... this shirt is super cute
This is from Forever 21 and is just adorable... hmm let's see. I wouldnt be able to wear this to work or to church... but it looks perfect for being out n about! I love the western feel that it gives to any outfit. I would wear it with colorful shorts, a long flowy skirt or pants of a different shade.

ahhhh if I had enough money I would buy them all.
When I do happen to get my perfect denim shirt... I will post my outfit ;)
Have a super day!

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