Thursday, September 8, 2011


This is me, from a while ago... like last summer. it was the only photo on my laptop that looked artsy enough and different for my new blog. I never thought i would get a blog... but someone told me that it would be a good idea because i want to go into communications. Media is the new way to make a name in this world... so i've heard.
I really want this blog to be casual and i want to be able to talk about anything. I love expressing myself freely. I never want to be anything that i'm not... but that's hard to do when i want to be everything. If i could experience every single feeling and event in the world, i would be the happiest girl alive. i want to write, travel, take photos, eat, run, fly, sing, dance and breathe in everything there is on this fine planet. I can't wait to start my journey and document my thoughts here.
So this is just a little part of me,
For you to see.

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